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Since our business first started, over 20 years ago, we have looked at what can set us apart from the competition and really establish us as the roofing repair specialists in Christchurch. We have constantly sought to solve our clients roofing needs with innovative solutions which mark us for our attention to detail, customer focus and cost effectiveness.

Throughout the evolution of our business we have refined our methods to stay ahead of our competitors and continue to offer the premium service we’ve come to be known for.

roofing system in Christchurch

Speciality services

We are experienced in both commercial and domestic jobs.

All homes with parapets are required to have cap flashings to bring them up to code, we specialise In the installation of these and in some cases they are required to be fixed to curved parapets and we have a system to achieve this to a very high standard.

There are always problems with old metal or malthoid flat roofs and dormers. We can replace or repair them with a number different membrane products. We can also repair any damage to the timber structure underneath if required.

Custom made flashings and rain water heads are our speciality. We can manufacture anything required to fit neatly and effectively to do the job.

We have a good working relationship with all the main insurance company's, doing jobs such as repairing snow damaged spouting and EQ damage. We also do repair jobs at schools for the Ministry of Education and working directly for the schools.

Re-roofing of house

All materials

Penetrations on low pitch commercial buildings such as skylights, extractor fans, air conditioners and flues are the main cause of leaks reprted by tennants and business owners. We pride ourselves in our flashing systems and our ability to solve difficult flashing situations.

The next biggest problem faced by commercial buildings is internal gutters. These can rust out or block up causing major flooding inside. With the use of butynol and other membrane products and flashings we can repair and re line the gutters.

We also provide an inspection and general maintenance service which keeps the risk of water damage and stock losses to a minimum. This includes a quote for any work required and a written report on the state of the roof.  

Roofer installing solar panels

Free quote

No job is too big or too small, from minor house repairs to large commercial building repairs, we can customise our services to meet your needs.

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We can give you a free quote and if you’re comparing prices tell us a quote you’ve been given and by who and we’ll see if we can beat it.